The Imperial Hotel Ex Roly Poly
After visiting the Imperial Hotel this week and discovering its amazing interiors not to mention the number of notable visitors over the years, I shall be returning to photograph some of the participants of the #retiredperformers project. With great delight, I have met an ex Roly Poly this week, a retired entertainments journalist, a children's performer whose great-grandmother was a circus dancer and spent quite a bit of time buying vintage Blackpool postcards which I hope to incorporate into the process. Please if you feel you have your own story re: Performance or performing prior to the 1970's in Blackpool do get in touch.

31 March 2018
The Rolling Stones rioted in Blackpool in 1963 The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones rioted in Blackpool in 1963 they were banned until 2003. Blackpool was always the town where bands came to play. It still is today - did you see The Rolling Stones riot in 63? What was the feeling?

The Retired Performers Project Time and Tide is a series of images and interviews created to have a greater understanding of Blackpool's hidden performance community. The project's fluid approach encourages conversations and storytelling.

If you feel you might be able to help or share a story, please get in touch via the contact page.
14 March 2018
Circolombia 2015 at Showzam Circus Town Festival Blackpool, UK Showzam 2015
Starting the Project: It is February 2018 but 2015 was the year, I met the retired foot juggler one of the inspirations behind the Time and Tide, Retired Performers Project. It was also the year I photographed Circolombia. I saw Nina (the retired foot juggler) again this week, in fact, I had breakfast with her family, she is getting ready for me to interview her on audio and have her photo taken, she told me a few tales, including one about Princess Margaret.

The process of interviewing and photographing participants will last over 9 months. Building relationships and talking to performers who have a relationship to Blackpool takes time. Tomorrow I head back to the circus to photograph a Circusette who performed as Charlie Cairoli's assistant.

26 February 2018